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    Brazil´s GUAI: Brazilian Female singer and her New album w/ Ivan Lins and great artists

    CAPITANIA is the new album of GUAI

    Good news come with july sun: international female singer GUAI has just release her new album, intituled CAPITANIA. Produced by GUAI and Nema Antunes and CO-produced by Telefunksoul.

    Novo disco da GUAI tem Ivan Lins e outros artistas consagrados
    Novo disco da GUAI tem Ivan Lins e outros artistas consagrados. Capa. Foto por Yuri Mine.

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    The Album

    Capitania is the second album in the career of Brazilian female singer GUAI. The artist sings the journey of a traveler who ventures into the unknown, leaving Brazil to explore lands beyond the sea. A sensory and autobiographical album that brings original songs that praise Brazilian Music and tell about resilience, faith, courage, loneliness and storms, in a vast sea of emotions and rhythms. Highlights are the original track “Cada Eu” by Carlinhos Brown, composed specially for this project, and a bonus track, an English language version of “Depois dos Temporais” written by GUAI. Choose your destiny, let love lead the way and keep the faith.

    Special Guests

    “Capitania” brings special guests. Such as Ivan Lins, Paulo de Carvalho (well known Portuguese artist), cuban pianist Victor Zamora and the great bass player Arthur Maia.

    Novo disco da GUAI tem Ivan Lins e outros artistas consagrados. Beauty Bruno Miranda. Foto Yuri Mine.
    Beauty Bruno Miranda. Photo Yuri Mine.

    Important to say that arragments by Nema Antunes (Latin Grammy Awarded) and brass arragments by Marcelo Martins. The album also brings great brazilian musicians, such as Luiz Brasil, Erivelton Silva, Teo Lima, Marco Brito, Tavinho Menezes and others.

    CAPITANIA has strike already great reviews by international jazz community, such as JazzWax written by Marc Myers and Jazz De La Pena reviwed by Tomas Pena. Spread good music!

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    *JazzWax por Marc Myers & Jazz de La Pena por Tomas Pena

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