Wednesday, October 27, 2021



    AGORA, VOCÊ MULHER, VAI ANDAR COM ARTE NOS PÉS. Em se tratando de moda, as observações são os fatores...

    Período excelente para entrarmos em Sintonia com a Luz

    Diwali, o Ano Novo Hindu, conhecido como o ‘Festival das Luzes’, é celebrado todos os anos por Hindus, Jainistas, Sikhs e Budistas...

    How to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

    Fashion is very much like: "one day you are in, one day you are not." Says the bombshell Hidi Klum.

    Knowing Your Body Measurements is Key to a Perfect Fit.

    To Get Your Body Measurements can be intimidating. Rather than assuming that you know...

    Coping With 2020 Pandemic.

    Coronavirus arrived disturbing everyone's life, it would be one thing if his catastrophic episode had affected our lives in an awakening way.

    Miami closes down summer camps.

    With the pandemic jumping to nearly 50% during the last days, the city official had no choice but shut down summer...