Wednesday, February 8, 2023

    How to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

    Fashion is very much like: “one day you are in, one day you are not.” Says the bombshell Hidi Klum.

    Fashion Week is the ultimate time to spot the newest trends. Fashion Week happens twice a year here in the US in NYC, http://www.Newyorkfashionweek once in the second week of September, and once in the second week of February. In the first, you will catch the newest Spring/Summer trends and in the second you will catch a glimpse of the Fall/Winter top trends. 

    Miami Fashion week http://www.miamifashionweeki s also another major event and featuring some of the greatest designers not only from the US but from Europe and other parts of the world as well.  These shows are not easy to get in, mostly by invite only. But luckily there are many outlets that stream these fashion sows live online for free. Major fashion influencers and style magazines will also cover these shows in different capacities, so it is important to follow them during these times.

    Fashion Magazine

    All the major fashion designers put their ads in these magazines, and they feature their newest products. These magazines also always feature interviews of various fashion designers, and their content is very valuable for spotting the latest in fashion trends.

    Make sure to stock up on top fashion magazines such as: Vogue – In-Style – ELLE – W-Magazine. This is one of the easiest ways to find out what is in what is out.

    One thing to keep in mind choose magazines that reflect your style but that also keeps up with the trend.

    Shop at Fashion-Forward Retailers

    If you want to keep up with fashion trends, http://www.fashiontrend you need to know where to shop! There are certain retailers that always feature the hottest new clothes and their buyers know exactly what pieces to carry. Even if you do not plan on buying any of the expensive items you see, you are now informed of the newest styles and what types of clothes to look for in other places.

    Some fashion-forward retailers who always keep up with the trends include: Sacks – Barneys – Revolve – Bloomingdale’s – Nordstrom

    Take Cues from Celebrity Styles.

    Pay attention to celebrities and what they wear. Oftentimes designers gift their pieces to celebrities so that they wear them and then the designer gets recognition. Once the outfit goes viral, bam!, everyone is wearing and talking about that piece. Some singers, celebrities, models, and fashion influencers.

    Watch Essential Events

    There are also some annual events that are essential to watch, and view photos from, in order to stay ahead of the trends: The Grammy’s – The Oscars – The Billboard Music Awards. This is without a doubt not only the most-watched event of the year but where the celebrities are given the opportunity to wear designer dresses.

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