Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    Unemployment Rising and declining.

    Ways to Deal With the Lost.

    Unemployment is climbing in the US, but Florida has fewer people applying for the benefits in the last 15 days of the pandemic. Statistics show the numbers have dropped nearly 21,900 just in the last two weeks. It has gone up everywhere else, leaving a lot of residents lost in thought and with no directions to keep on moving.

    Social distancing makes it almost impossible to cope with since every household involves children and seniors that are high risk. So if a cousin, a brother, or even your child is facing evictions, where would they go. If the 14-day quarantine is a must how does a family member receives their loved one during this Pandemic Helping others comes with a very high risk, and it has to be taken in serious consideration in catastrophe times like this.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell was just recently on the news warning the residents of a potential economic slow recovery. They are trying to help in every way possible, sometimes their plans don’t always work, but none the less something is always done. The city was very wise in expanding restaurants to expand into parking lots and in order to keep social distancing and at the same time keep the restaurants in full operation even if it’s not in full capacity.

    Resources That May Relieve The Pain.

    There are groups that are trying to come together and help others,

    If you are using your credit cards to survive, be aware that credit card debt can add up quickly, complicating your financial situation even farther. If making the payment is not a possibility, just reach out to the credit card companies, more often then not, they have ways and are prepared to work with customers impacted by the pandemic. Coronavirus credit card relief programs, so are proactive and reach out to those that can make your life during this time a bit easier. How to request help from your credit card company.

    Electricity company.

    Most electricity companies are willing to work with household about the unpaid bills, while their not disconnecting power during this time, the bill still remains your responsibilities, but they most likely will work out a plan and accommodate your needs. Floridians may access this link and ask for help, Search the public sites on your estate and see what they are offering for those in need.

    Cell Phone Company.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life for all of us in ways that we never even thought possible. The wireless industry is no exception. But major carriers are stepping up to help out their customers in these challenging times.

    Major carriers have all committed to not cutting off customers who can’t pay their bills. They’ve also implemented a number of policies that help customers stay connected to loved ones, work, and school. Online communications have become a survival mode for many families that are in lockdown in different parts of the world.

    this help can be presented in a small percentage but if you add this percentage to others will become of value.,

    Actions is the best way to fight this virus, that are hope and there are help, look in every corner either to obtain help or to help other. This is the time to come together and rise up again.

    Stand up and Rise Up.

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