Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    Miami closes down summer camps.

    With the pandemic jumping to nearly 50% during the last days, the city official had no choice but shut down summer camp affecting hundreds of families routines.

    With schools been only possible online, parents were already under a lot of stress handling their little ones and work at the same time. Their only choice was summer camp. But with the rise of Coronavirus in those facilities, the city is closing down all summer camps, following the country and the city Beach.

    Miami Beach announced it was closing its summer camps beginning Monday, and Miami-Dade County-run summer camps closed last Friday.

    It is confirmed that one child had been infected with COVID-19 at Henderson Park, at least two children had been infected at Coral Gate Park and one counselor had been confirmed as positive at Shenandoah Park.

    Over the weekend, police throughout the county began handing out fines to both businesses and individuals who were caught in violation of the new rules.

    Closing city-run summer camps are not the only change happening in the community. The mayor said 39 officers will be patrolling the city seven days a week just to re-enforce the use of masks. The officer has reported that more than 100 citations were issued not only to individuals but also to business owners.

    Police officers are visiting establishments to ensure they are doing complying with rules and regulations. The officers are handing out masks and enforcing for those that are not complying.

    The majority of new COVID-19 cases are in people ages 18 to 34 at 30%. People are getting sick in their homes and catching the virus from a family member. A total of 72% of sick patients report their family members are sick too.

    The mayor urged people to maintain social distancing inside the home if possible, especially for those who live with someone at high risk.

    A major concern for most parents is the reopening of schools, prompting another spike in cases. The kid’s lives are been disrupted in every way shape and form. With summer camps coming to a full stop, the school not returning, the adjustment for the families is not an easy thing to do.

    It’s hard for adults to understand the need to stay home and practice safety, it is even harder for kids and young adults. Parents have to be extremely creative and very patient with their children during these difficult times, so do whatever it takes to keep your family safe.

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