Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    Cold Showers!


    Cold showers are an important part of many people’s lives. These showers are actually beneficial for both mind and body. For the best benefits, incorporate into your daily routine, and enjoy a much clear lifestyle. Experts advise to start and gradually build up the duration and intensity. It’s best to start with a regular shower and finish the last 30 seconds cold. You quickly notice that you are able to tolerate the cold more and more, and eventually cold shower will become just one of the things that you do on a daily basis.


    There are many benefits to this simple act. If taken on a regular basis it is said to reduce stress levels, raise your state of alertness. The cold stimulates deeper breaths, elevating concentration levels giving you a tremendous ability to focus throughout the day. Another great benefit that scientific studies have found is that cold shower increases the number of white blood cells in your body and which stimulus the immune system tremendously. It also strengthens will power.

    Thousands of people from all over the world already incorporate cold showers into their daily routines.

    Scientists have conducted many studies to uncover the physiological mechanisms behind the method. Wim Hof was exposed to the cold in a controlled laboratory setting, his body temperature remaining stable throughout, showing the positive effect of cold exposure on his levels of brown fat tissue.

    A very well know for this practice is Wim Hof. there are lots of studies done by Mr. Hof and scientists around the Globe. Wim Hof himself will teach you everything there is to know about his method. Mr. Hof says that this can be practiced by anyone, everything begins with a breathing technic. From that on controlling your mind is just a matter of practice.

    Like anything in life, starting a new routine, it takes time and dedication, preparing for this change can be a tremendous help to achieve success. Start slowly and build it up to what your body can tolerate. if a cold shower daunting, start with a regular shower and take 2 seconds to hit your body with cold water. Prepare yourself mentally this will help your mind to accept the cold that will wake up every muscle. Don’t forget to take a moment to analyze the mood and energy as the day goes on.

    I could very well be that a cold shower could save time lost and money spent on doctors. And give you a new perspective outlook in life.

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