Thursday, June 24, 2021

    The Best Food Covid-19

    Healthy Food is a Must Always, Even More so During This Pandemic.

    Good nutrition is not only crucial in our everyday life, but it’s even more important during this pandemic, we need to keep the immune system strong in order to able to fight back any disease that may occur. Being able to obtain fresh food is very important. One of the best ways to keep food fresh is to reviving the old method of canning. By using this process you can save by buying in bulk or when it goes on sale. This will also decrease potentially processed food with names that are not even recognized by most readers or consumers, they are usually high in fats, sugars, and salt, and sodium.

    Stay away from canned food, do your own canning instead

    Caning is a wonderful way to save money and make good use of the free time that mos find themselves with during Covid-19, it a process that the entire family can get involved, and it does save a lot of time not even mentioning space in your refrigerators. This food can be easily stored on your shelves and if done the right way it can last for up to a year. There is plenty of researches explaining in detail how to prepare it, and what is the safest way or storing it as well. This has been done for many years it just lost its art with the convenience of today’s lifestyle. If this is something sparkle and idea just youtube “canning” most important thing is to do it the safe way. Educate yourself in the process. There are lots of steps in doing it the right way.

    Food safety is a must.

    Food safety is a must for a healthy diet. When preparing food for yourself and others, it is important to follow good food hygiene practices to avoid food contamination and foodborne diseases. The key principles of good food hygiene, especially when cooking any kind of meat, it is best to keep everything separated and all utensil and food preparation areas cleaned, wash hands after handling any uncooked item, and make sure to cook everything according to the direction on the packaging.

    It is important to use all the material that has a short shelf life, take into consideration what you need, take inventory of what is on your shelf, and avoid overconsumption. This way you can allow others to access the food that they need, After all, Supermarkets are having a difficult time re-stocking their shelves. When you go overboard with your shopping you might be begetting other of punching theirs.

    Use fresh ingredients and those that have a shorter shelf life first. If fresh products, especially fruits, vegetables, and reduced-fat dairy products continue to be available, prioritize these over non-perishables. Frozen fruits and vegetables can also conveniently be used over longer periods of time and often have a similar nutrient profile to fresh foods. To avoid food waste, you may consider freezing any leftovers for another meal.

    Home-cooked meal

    During regular daily life, many individuals often do not have the time to prepare home-cooked meals. Spending longer periods of time at home may now offer the possibility to make those recipes you previously did not have time to make. Many healthy and delicious recipes can be found online. Take advantage of the wealth of freely available information, and experiment with the ingredients you can access, but remember to keep in mind the principles for healthy eating offered in this guidance.

    Choose cooking methods that require less or no fat, such as steaming, grilling, or sautéing instead of frying foods. If needed, use small amounts of unsaturated oils like rapeseed, olive. Prefer foods that contain healthy sources of unsaturated fats, such as fish and nuts. To limit saturated fats, trim excess fat from meat and poultry, and choose skinless options. Reduce foods such as red and fatty meats, butter and full-fat dairy products, coconut oil, most meat especially poultry contain fat itself, so it is not necessary to add any.

    Stay hydrated with water

    One of the best and cheapest way to stay hydrated is by consuming a lot of water, tap water is the healthiest and cheapest drink but I do most people do not like the taste or do not trust the water. It is also the most sustainable, as it produces no waste, compared to bottled water. To enhance its taste, fresh or frozen fruits like berries or slices of citrus fruits may be added, as well as cucumber or herbs such as mint, But stay away from other drinks that are high in sugar and does not add anything to your health.

    Prepare with Care

    Spending time at home and preparing your meals together is the best way to practice social distancing, which provides new opportunities to share meals together. Family meals are an important opportunity for parents to engaging healthy eating, alcohol is not on our list of healthy food, but once in a while, it will do you good to break a bottle of red wine and un-wine with your loved ones.

    Increased time at home during this period may also present new opportunities to involve children in cooking healthy foods, which can help them acquire important life skills that they can carry into adulthood. Letting children choose what vegetables to include in your meal may encourage them to eat them at the table. When involving children in cooking, it is important to keep meals simple and to teach children about proper food safety (including handwashing, cleaning surfaces, and avoiding consumption of certain raw ingredients).

    Washing Hands

    All frozen fruits such as berries, pineapple, and mango are great options, as they still contain high levels of fiber and vitamins and are often less expensive than the fresh versions. and it is said that their nutrients are even hight since they have to package right after been harvested. These frozen fruits can be added to juices.

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