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    Clothe That is Flattering on Any Body Type.

    Dressing For Your Body Shape

    Figuring out how to build your perfect wardrobe can be a confusing, frustrating and sometimes emotional journey. Will this V-neck work with my shape? Can I pull off flare jeans if I’m petite? We all ask ourselves questions sometimes. But the beauty of personal style is just that—it’s personal—to both you and us. That’s why we’re turning the mic over to real women—women who have cracked the code of dressing for their shape (but are still learning), and are ready to share their tips and journey.

    We believe that fashion is about feeling great in the looks we love and feeling great in who we are. But, you could say that we follow guidelines, not rules. I have found this handy guide to help you learn how to dress your body shape and play up your most favorite features with styles you have (or should have) in your closet. It is important to know our body shape.

    Why is positive body image important? Positive body image occurs when a person is able to accept, appreciate, and respect their body. Positive body image is important because it is one of the protective factors which can make a person more resilient to eating disorders. In fact, the most effective eating disorder prevention programs use a health promotion approach, focusing on building self-esteem and positive body image, and a balanced approach to nutrition and physical activity.

    Why is it important to know your body image.

    A positive body image will improve:
    • Self-esteem, which dictates how a person feels about themselves and can infiltrate every aspect of life, and
    contribute to happiness and wellbeing.
    • Self-acceptance, making a person more likely to feel comfortable and happy with the way they look and less
    likely to feel impacted by unrealistic images in the media and societal pressures to look a certain way.
    • Healthy outlook and behaviors, as it is easier to lead a balanced lifestyle with healthier attitudes and
    practices relating to food and exercise when you are in tune with, and respond to the needs of your body.

    What causes body dissatisfaction?

    What causes body dissatisfaction? When a person has negative thoughts and feelings about his or her own body, body dissatisfaction can develop. Body dissatisfaction is an internal process but can be influenced by several external factors. For example, family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, and the media all have an impact on how a person sees and feels about themselves and their appearance. Individuals in appearance oriented environments or those who receive negative feedback about their appearance are at an increased risk of body dissatisfaction. One of the most common external contributors to body dissatisfaction is the media. People of all ages are bombarded with images through TV, magazines, the internet, and advertising. These images often promote unrealistic, unobtainable, and highly stylized appearance ideals that have been fabricated by stylists, art teams, and digital
    manipulation and cannot be achieved in real life. Those who feel they don’t measure up in comparison to these images can experience intense body dissatisfaction which is damaging to their psychological and physical wellbeing.

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