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    Lessons You Learn Only When Living in Miami

    Miami is a gorgeous city, but it also can be one of the vainest places to live, maybe only leaving New York behind. People in Miami are known to spend a long time in front of the mirror before hitting the nightlife, or simply for a casual day around Ocean drive, lincoln rd, and all its glory to satisfy anyone’s taste.

    Miamians spend a great deal of time working towards their summer bodies. Brazilian style bathing suits can be easily be seen all around the sunshine state, but more specifically Miami.

    Summer is almost a year-round affair. The choice to live in your swimsuits becomes very easy, exposing the golden skin and enjoying the easy-breezy style is just a matter of choosing a wrap-around sarong, and if it happens to be colorful even better.

    Take can take anyone from the beach to a casual restaurant by the sea in the most comfortable way possible.

    comfortable shoes from dusk to dawn is a must.

    The choice of footwear has to be taken seriously, comfort is everything when planning a day out. The variety of summer shoes is vast, some “fancier than others” it all depends on the outing. Gems and shine material does not shy away from the Sun. Just like with the clothing the bolder the better.

    Bikinis are probably on the biggest retail in Miami Since it’s always sunny and warm all year round, most people has all colors shoes and purses but in Miami, Bikinis are a big deal, after all when you go to the beach on a daily basis a variety of beachwear is a must for the whole season. That means spending $75–$100, is pretty normal, and with that comes a super cute heat or a matching cover-up making it all super trend. If you’re thinking which bikini to bring to Miami, choose the sexiest one you have, no one will go wrong with Brazilian style Bikini.

    Night out or Clubbing.

    If you’re not dressed to the nines, you won’t be getting into the clubs in Miami. Several clubs will only allow folks in who they think look the most stylish and “beautiful;” everyone else will be turned away. Miami definitely has the reputation of being obsessed with outward beauty, and that is definitely true when it comes to the clubs. Make sure to wear your sexiest dress and best heels. At 4 am it not uncommon to see a well-dressed ladies with heels in hands walking back to the hotel.

    We like bright colors, and we like things that are tight. Miamians work hard on their summer bodies, and really love hitting the gym and staying active. You’ll see plenty of skinny jeans, form-fitting dresses, drop-tops, and tight shorts while you’re visiting. If you want to make like a Miamian, you’ll want to pack some tight clothing that hugs your curves. Woman Wearing Strapless Dress and as short as they can be.

    Since it’s always hot in Miami, we tend to wear a lot of shorts, bikinis, light summer dresses, and tank tops. We like dresses that are backless, crop tops that let our midriffs breathe, and strappy tops that don’t have sleeves. We sweat a lot, so allowing more of our body to breathe is smart. Plus, the skin is sexy.

    To top off our vain nature, we love name-brand items. But it local artists are seen everywhere with their one of a kind handbag and hand-painted print on outwear. Miami is well known for its art and vibrant colors. So even it is considerate one the vainest city the brand name is a must but the local artist is showcasing everywhere. The choice is simple. Do what you love and a happy life.

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