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Artist from around the makes a splash in a big way at shoe company

Two stores in Chicago and now one in DC Who would ever think that a college hobby would turn into a million dollar company and at the same time bring hope to many starving artists all over the world? And furthermore, design a shoe to demonstrate their opinions about Political views during the 2016 Election? This how against […]

Read this before buying your next pair of shoes

According to Sargasso & Grey shoe company founder Katie Owen, a campaign was created when a 27-year-old London receptionist was sent home simply because she was not  wearing  high heels. The incident created such a controversy that it led to a campaign “to overhaul a sexist dress code in the workplace.  Katie Owen also said, “Whilst I agree that it […]

Who says that the wedding dress has to be white?

With all honesty, everyone has imagined what they might look like on their wedding day. Perfectly arranged bouquet, perfect hair pulled back with the rhinestones adorning the face, and of course, picture perfect  white dress. Who says that it has to be white? With the increasing popularity of dip-dyed, floral, and pastel wedding dresses, everyone is thinking!!! […]

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