Sunday, October 1, 2023

    How and can we forgive!

    Forgive, forget, how, why?

    I stumbled up on this, and would like to share with my readers.

    We often think of forgiveness as being a personal process—a journey—that we need to go through to finally arrive at peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, forgiveness is much more like a transaction.

    When someone wounds us, a debt is incurred. But what is a fair compensation for the damages we’ve suffered? What will be enough to heal the wound? And how do we get them to pay? The payment required to truly make us whole again is staggering. No amount of apologies or other forms of restitution from the offending party could ever cover the cost of sin that wounds us. 

    But there is a powerful answer to these questions: God made a way by making payment in full for all offenses 2,000 years ago. After all, this is how the greatest act of forgiveness in history is often referred to in scripture—the cross. Man incurred a sin-debt to God that ultimately required the sacrifice of Christ to balance the account. On the cross, Jesus paid for all sins, including the ones that wound me. 

    To truly forgive someone, we must first shift our perspective in regards to how we believe the accounts are balanced.

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