Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Homeless in America is Sky Rocking

    Coronavirus & Homeless

    With thousands of residents losing their jobs, there is no doubt the housing industry is going to be affected tremendously. The Coronavirus crisis has become a major problem leading to the charts were homeless in a concern. According to a recent study, housing instability has jumped.  The unemployment caused by Covid-19 in the U.S. could lead to 45% in less than a year.

    The pandemic has exposed the severity of the nation’s homelessness crisis in this country. The governors and mayors in different States are asking people to stay-at-home. The problem more than one million Americans do not have a place to call home. If they are living on the streets definitely puts them at a higher risk. This could get themselves infected but transmit to others.

    What is the percentage of the homeless population?

    It is not easy to get the exact percentage of the homeless. More than 60% were able to find shelter in 2019. And 40% or so are still living under bridges and depending on volunteers to survive. There a number of factors that make this number so High. January is normally when this number increases. As people exhaust their resources by scouting to survive during the coldest time of the year.

    This is not even taking in the fact that people are sleeping in cars, card boxes, under the bridges. Most of the first try looking for help in a relative’s home just to survive the cold. This is not always possible due to the fact that household for the less fortunate. Hiding from the cold is not the only thing in their minds during the cold. They have no food, no water, no coats, no socks. The only choice left is cardboard left on the back of some commercial place.

    The situation is all over the country, some cities houses more homeless than others. Most cities are at times on different pages as of how to deal with this unpleasant issue. Residents are working hard to come up with solutions in keeping their sidewalks clean.

    The situation is not easy.

    The city has lots of programs in place for these people, but mostly to the time, the numbers are so high that it’s hard to help all that needs helping. And with that comes the ones that have become so used to living on the streets that can adjust their new condition when offered. The mind is complex. And the time living on the streets most of the time can play a big role in adjusting to different conditions. Life is not easy.

    Your mind is capable of adjusting to the extreme situation in order to survive.

    There are a number of things force an individual to choose the street. It could be mental, and that plays a big role in this. The number of years on the street can add to changing someone in getting help. The body and the mind at times conform to what is repetitive or with what is a routine. Therefore changes can be a big challenge for most street residents. Never the less, humans are one of the most difficult species to work with. So the fight continues on a daily basis, either to help or to get them away from someone’s sidewalk.

    With Covid-19 still rising, the situation gets worst. There is no safety in place for these citizens. At times the only running water available to them is from parks and recreation. The hours of use are not all day or all night, which makes it even harder to survive.


    California is in many respects a world unto itself when it comes to homelessness. Of the state’s 150,000 or so homeless people, ore than two-thirds are unsheltered, accounting for nearly half of the nation’s unsheltered homeless population. In 2019 the numbers were already at 40% of the nation’s homeless population. This number has sky rocked with Coronavirus. There are a number of factors in a homeless situation. These factors are: Abuse disorder / mental illness / physical / developmental disability/depression / or inability to find work. The rate is five times greater for African Americans than whites all over the United States.

    If the subject is discrimination, then the effect can be reflected in many different area rental housing markets, in the criminal justice system, in the healthcare system. About 40%  of unsheltered youth nationwide identify as LGBTQ. Unsheltered homelessness among people who identify as transgender increased by 43% between the last 2 years.

    What causes people to become homeless?

    Domestic violence is increasing tremendously, Lots of women and children finds it easier to be homeless than to endure the abuse at home. The problem is a lot bigger than the programs designed to assist survivors of domestic violence. In their one-day survey for 2019, the National Network to End Domestic Violence found nearly 8,000 people fleeing domestic violence who sought housing and emergency were not able to get it. This number will definitely increase with the lockdown mandated in most states. Most women had a window of time from when the abuser was at work, with this change in work status the increase in abuse has increased dramatically. The Government funds go to a variety of public programs, nonprofits organizations, religious organizations, like Catholic Charities and CityGate Network, which provide a good percentage of the nation’s emergency shelter beds and meals for those in need. They also help with counseling for those in need, and offer ways to create a better life and perhaps a way to live. Another major problem during this pandemic is Rent controls, eviction protections.

    Covid-19 is increasing homeless across the US.

    Coronavirus and homelessness policy challenges are not easy to deal with. Living on the streets puts people at greater risk: Homeless advocates are concerned that once coronavirus-related rent and mortgage policies expire, Lots of people could be driven into homelessness. The NEAH and other groups are currently advocating for a $100 billion rental assistance package to help ensure that doesn’t happen. Other housing advocates are calling for rent and mortgage payments to be fully canceled as long as the crisis persists. For those who have been struggling to find solutions for their living conditions, the risk is even higher in both counts. The housing instability could finally expose the full extent and seriousness of this long-ignored social problem. The government has helped a lot of families to stay in their homes, however, the time has run out and homeowners now can pursue the eviction process. Lawmakers are discussing a second financial stimulant check to keep residents from been evicted, however, a decision has yet taken place.

    This process should make their lives a bit better and however, it does not, but if the process is not clear this becomes a major problem. Many residents of the US are still waiting for their first check for the last three months. Citizens spend hours on the phone in order to obtain help.

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