Friday, June 9, 2023

    Coping With 2020 Pandemic.

    Coronavirus arrived disturbing everyone’s life, it would be one thing if his catastrophic episode had affected our lives in an awakening way.

    It almost feels like the entire world was going way off the grid, forgetting to focuses on what matters in life, family, for example, compassion, unity, health, kindness, not instead people were focusing on working more and acquiring more and more.

    Transportation is no longer transportation is ostentation, clothing is not only flattering but make with someone sweet and blood. Houses are no longer homes. Sanctuaries are a very remote and exotic retreat or resort somewhere with its golden faucet and thousand-dollar champagne. 

    COVID-19 has pretty much put an end to this lifestyle,  families to come together and re-evaluate what is important and what makes a difference.

    I have seen consumers stop cold on their tracks because dressing to impress is not even a possibility during the quarantine. 

    They have seen their 3 thousand dollars purse seating pretty in their luxury closet for nearly 6 months now. And if they dare to use and go out, with a mandatory face mask the entire outfit is ruined. Let’s just be happy that you are alive.

    So the dressing up days and simply hanging out with your besties are pretty much on hold. The only places that are accommodating parties of three or more are outdoor places. And everyone knows that outdoors requires a much more relaxed outfit than the high-end places do. So adjust and be happy that you can still go out.

    In a very different world the worries are real, how do I come up with just enough money to pay my rent, to feed my kids, to have running water it does not even have to be hot, just water will do for now. 

    Some have sold personal items and reduced to odd jobs, just as long it’s safe and it comes with a paycheck.

    Parents that can not order toys and distractions from amazon are having to improvise with homemade activities, and there are hundreds of them that might just keep your kids entertained for hours.

    A walk in the park might not be the best thing to do, but a water slide in the back yard with some dish soap could be even more fun for the eintire family, oh did I mention safety. 

    So Yes Coronavirus is everywhere, the best thing to do is not even open your door and invite IT in. After all, it not rude to keep your family safe, so stay in and be creative. 

    Being safe is a must for everyone, and if you can not think of others at this moment, think of your family, I am sure that they matter. 

    The problem is worldwide, there is no hiding. Practicing safety is only way.

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