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    Kelly Preston
    Kelly Preston

    Kelly Preston dies way, to soon, only 57

    The beautiful and talented actress Kelly Preston has left us, after a two year with breast cancer, this horrible sometimes unbeatable life-destroying beast took the best of her.

    Kelly Preston Born in Hawaii and come to California to pursue her acting and modeling career. She played in several roles and small parts in different shows, but her big break came after the major role in the movie Mischief. After that, a list of major roles was added to her impressive resume.  She appeared in more than sixty television and film productions, most notably Mischief, Twins, and Jerry Maguire, and the list goes on.

    (Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP, File)

    Her Personal life involved many big names in the film industry, but the fairy tale story when she first meets John Travolta. Their lives together became the talk of Hollywood, the couple was inseparable and the air as they passed by was nothing but nostalgic.

    Their love story lasted years. The couple finally tied the knot in Paris after their plans to do it in New York became a bit out of control. They had 28 years together, From this love and zest for life 3 children were born, Ella 20, Jett (who passed in 2009 at the age of 16 ), and Benjamin 9. They like any other couple had their ups and downs, but always searched for the best outcome regardless of the situations called for, good or bad, the couple had the strength that can only come from within.

    John Travolta was known for surprising his wife with romantic dinner, they would just jump on the airplanes that just happen to be parked in their garage. I guess it could be called a hanger. She often joked “it is good to be married to a Pilot”

    Life here on earth has lost a tremendous soul.

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