What in the world is Clean Eating?

What is considered Clean Eating?

Clean Eating is about eating MORE of the healthiest foods from each food group and less (or none) of the not so healthy ones. If you eat clean, you eat the freshest foods, and the closest to its natural source possible. That means minimally to none of processed foods, no refined foods, and no artificial ingredients!

Clean Eating is also about portion control. You don’t have to have a large amount of foods for your meals. It is best to have smaller portions throughout the day, adding a healthy snack for in between your larger meals.

It is important to learn from your foods as well and its benefits to your body and health. Reading the list of ingredients from your boxed labels foods, for example, it’s a great start! You will be surprise to find many ingredients there that you do not know what they are or even considered as a food item.

Clean Eating is about eating the best foods to achieve optimum health. Eat fresh, wholesome foods that are minimally or not processed at all. Choosing from organic, pasture raised, and grass fed foods are best!

How can you start to develop clean eating habits into your lifestyle?
Start slow. Make changes gradually.

Here are a few things you could consider:
*Read labels – 8 or less ingredients are better options. Ingredients that you can’t pronounce are probably not good for you. Artificial anything should be in your food labels.
* Up your veggies – add spinach to your smoothie! Add veggies to your eggs and sandwiched! Eat raw veggies for snacks!
* Eat fresh fruits – organics if possible. 3 servings daily are recommended.
* Focus on healthy fats – such as avocados, olive oil, nuts
* Cut down sugar – try using honey, maple syrup, or 100% stevia!!

Give it a try and see how you feel! Happy eating!

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