US Virgin Islands Journey

Miss Universe US VI Pageant

For months I’ve anticipated and prepared for my trip to the US Virgin Islands. I learned a great deal about it last year due to Hurricane Maria’s rampage on the tropics. An angel I knew, named LuLu Orange Tyson @luluorangeinc appeared and diverted the Miss US Virgin Islands pageant to safety in South FL where I was able to meet the beautiful and brilliant 2017 Miss US VI Esonica Veira. Now it’s August 2018, I’m last minute checking and frantically over thinking my packing as my awesome family ushers me to the Ft. Lauderdale airport in plenty of time for my #1 son @animedominates to time warp back home to get my iPhone. Let the Spirit Airline journey begin!

In the FLL airport store, I found much needed Ibuprofen; only a few packs containing 2 pills each for $3 which wasn’t bad per the pain I was feeling. So pleased to have found reasonable pain killers within inflated airport prices, I donated to the Armed Forces box at the register. It felt great to give back; until the cashier mentioned it was to send toothpaste care packages to the troops. REALLY! Uncle don’t provide hygiene products anymore??? Hey! Do better!

Fortunately, it’s time to board the plane and I’m seated at a window on the wing, cool! The window seat afforded a view above the clouds so serene the clouds below seem only a few feet over the ocean. A flight attendant announces that I’m one of the lucky passengers in charge of an emergency exit. So, I pledged: In case of Emergency I agree to open the exit and assist fellow passengers in escaping a fiery explosion in mid air or drowning while fighting sharks as Federal Law requires.

Landing in the US VI was so exciting as @JMoise55, Ricardo StCyr @RSCMediaGroup, and I @themrcoleman met officials of the pageant like Michelle McLean @MichelleMcLeanofficial Miss Universe 1992 (still smiling as if she had just won a crown, I guess practice does make perfect)! Raphael G and Carlos @carlitos720 was gracious enough to detail how pageants work as Warren arrives to taxi us through edged out mountains to the hotel. As soon I secure the luggage, we will tour for food!


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