The kiss that sealed the deal.


                                                                                 ” I do “

Prince Harry and Meghan finally said, “I do”. But not before breaking a lot of rules, the royal newest couple has appeared to be a free spirit, caring, loving, and just a breath of fresh air.

They come from completely different backgrounds but somehow agreed to stay true to their values and principles, and at the same time with a tremendous respect for the royal tradition that is required from a Prince and from the princess to be.

Unlike his brother Prince Williams, Prince Herry did not wait long to propose. The road leading to this moment was not easy, lots of secret dates, traveling to remote places, and just getting to know each other without the lenses that were following them every second and every day.

He was committed to protecting the woman that he loved, he knows first hand what publicity can do to anyone regardless what the situation is.

Everything started with a simple date. The Prince showed up late, after all, he had no interest in meeting someone that he knew nothing about, much to his surprise, their conversation lasted until sunrise.

The romance was strong on both sides, Meghan is known for going after what she believes and Prince has also been known for not holding back and not the following tradition especially when he is in love if it was important to him he would do whatever it takes to make it happens.

Just a short year and a half later they announced to the world their commitment and devotion not only to one another but also to their own heritage.

Prince Harry formally asked for Meghan’s hand in marriage even before getting permission from the Queen.

It was an instant connection and that everyone knew that this day would come. The royal family tradition prepares a young woman for a long period of time just to make sure that she understands what it takes to be part of the royal family.

As for the ones that were born into the Royal there was no choice but to follow the rules. But to welcome an outsider in it was completely different, traditionally they also came from well known and wealthy families and understood their roles. They were formally trained in every sense of the way; on how to stand, how to say, how to dress, and when was appropriate to hold or not to hold hands.

Well, this was not the way that Prince Harry and Meghan had in mind, they
basically broke a lot of rules. The Princess to is from a very traditional American family, with all its ups and downs, also a divorcee, and more important she is from a mixed race woman of color, and identify herself as such. This could be a major problem for the Royal family. Needless to say, her religion upbrings could also be a deal breaker.

As the happy couple set out to depart from St. George’s Chapel in the horse-drawn carriage, cameras were very quick in capturing every single moment. They have overcome so much in such a short time, breaking traditions that have been part of the Royal family for a century, even the dress code is very much her style, her wedding portraits is the first to be shown such affection, it nothing short of what it is meant to be love, togetherness, respect, that alone is history on its own.

Princess Diana was honored in every way possible, the simplicity, the small church, the guest list, the mix of races would for sure make her proud.

There no doubt the this will establish a new culture tie into the United States if the Royal family embraces the new changes it is very possible that Harry and Meghan can change the world. Very much like his mother did, and now the two of them will take the world by a storm. They have the energy and the confidence and most important the power to do so.


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