The changes that UEFA is preparing for the 2018/2019 Championships

UEFA confirmed on Tuesday the news that will include in their club competitions from next season, as the authorization for a fourth change in the extension, the hours of 18.55 and 21.00 in the Champions League 2018/2019 and the Europa League 2018 / 2019 and the call for 23 players for the finals.

Here we leave the main novelties:

1 – A fourth substitute included in the call of the match allows to participate in the eliminatory matches exclusively during the extension. This will not affect the other three changes.

2 – Exceptionally in the Champions League and European League finals, as well as in the European Super Cup, 23 players can be played (in the place of 18 for the other matches) in the match call. “This will allow twelve substitutes to sit on the bench, giving the clubs, and in particular the coaches, more flexibility with respect to the changes, thus facilitating the management of their staff in the most important game of the season.”

3 – New start times for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League: . The Champions League qualifiers, the group matches, the round of 16, the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final will be played at 21:00 hours (HEC). However, on each day of the group stage, matches on Tuesday and Wednesday will be played at 18:55 (HEC). All the days of the last day were held simultaneously. UEFA can make exceptions to this rule. . The matches of the Europa League from the group stage to the round of 16 will be played at 18:55 and 21:00 hours (HEC). The start times will be decided according to the draw. In principle, the duels within the same group will be played simultaneously on the last day. The quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final are played at 21:00 hours (HEC). UEFA can make exceptions to this rule. . The Supercopa starts at 21:00 hours (HEC), schedule that will be applied in the next, on August 15 at the Lilleküla Stadium in Tallinn (Estonia).

4 – Player registration. After the group stage of the Champions League and the League of the Champions League of Europe. “This measure is in line with the existing regulatory situation in the different national leagues, which does not impose restrictions on eligibility for the competitions of players registered by a new club during the domestic market.”

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