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Steve Jobs & Marilyn Monroe!!!!!

 Marilyn Monroe Born and raised in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe, lived in different foster homes. She was passed on from one family to another and was always the new kid in school.  It is known that she was so embarrassed by her mother mental problem that she pretended that she was actually Clark Gable’s daughter. […]

iPhone 6 Plus Catches Fire in Student’s Back Pocket

Apple i-phone explode in the back pocket of a college student. Electronic devices may not be as safe as everyone thinks.  It seems that everyone these days has one or more than one device, even children as young as 2 years of age are engaging with the devices. Either just playing games or watching videos, […]

Apple’s 2016 iPhone 7 and already a replica WOW

Apple is known to release it’s next big thing always in the fall.  This is the year is no different with the introduction of the iPhone SE  a new model that combines the look of the  iPhone SS with the soul of the iPhone 6S. That noted, the iPhone SE  bring to the market the next […]

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