Scarlett Johansson named highest-grossing actress in Hollywood history

With a diverse filmography including standalone action vehicles, critically-lauded independent films, and several franchise blockbusters to her credit, Scarlett Johansson has been named the highest-grossing actress of all time by Box Office Mojo.

The tracking site recently released an updated version of its top-earning actors list, which ranks the 31-year old star of films likeCaptain America: Civil War and The Avengers at No. 10 among Hollywood performers, with North American box office receipts totaling over $3.3 billion.

Johansson began appearing in feature films as a child actor in the mid-1990s, though her career took off in the early 2000s with roles in prestige pictures like Ghost World, The Horse Whisperer, Lost in Translation, and Match Point. Since then, she has branched off into the superhero genre, appearing as comic book character Black Widow in five films since 2010.

by EW


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