Releases on Netflix in March

March arrived and that means that new movies arrive and shows a Netflix. The complete list of titles that arrive is below



Flint Town: Season 1 (available 3/2)
You know Flint, Michigan as the town that inadvertently poisoned its citizens with lead in an effort to save money. But how much do you really know? This docuseries looks at a city that became a stand-in for all the decay, ineptitude, and corruption that have plagued America as it struggles to adapt to changing times.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 2 (available 3/8)
Jessica is back, and probably ready to kick some ass.

Collateral (available 3/9)
Carey Mulligan stars as a detective investigating a mysterious murder of a Syrian refugee in this limited series produced in conjunction with BBC Two. Public and personal lives clash over the course of four frenetic days, during which Kip Glaspie (Mulligan) must navigate an increasingly complex web of conspiracies and entanglements.

Take Your Pills (available 3/16)
What’s the drug of choice for the millennial generation? If you said “speed,” you win an easily obtained prescription for Adderall. This documentary takes on America’s stimulant use and the wide-ranging effects its had.

Game Over, Man! (available 3/23)
The three stars of Workaholics follow the well-trodden path of comedy stars before them by making an action comedy. In this one, the three are waiters at a hotel where criminals have taken hostages, including… Shaggy. Yeah.

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