Law that you must know, it can save you thousand of dollars.

Bill 2009 can and will help thousands of people. yes, YOU.

When people go to the emergency room, they are often stunned to discover that doctors who treated them are not employed by the hospital and bill their insurance company separately. These doctors negotiate separate deals with insurance companies for payment. If the doctor and the insurance company never strike a deal, the visit is billed at much higher out-of-network rates.

Insurance companies like to blame the physicians, arguing that while they can reach a deal with the hospitals, there are many doctors who refuse to be part of the network they offer under a plan.

In one particular case where the victim of a violent attack was brought in to Dell Seton Medical Center In Austin Texas, where a surgery was performed by an oral surgeon that just happens not to be in the Network but was on duty at the emergency room that night.  A surprised bill was delivered to the patient just one week after leaving the hospital.  The bill in question was brought to all the parties that  were involved, all that the consumer could get was the word “denied” 

The patient was not satisfied with the answers since prior the surgery took place, he made sure to check if the hospital was listed in the network.

The Austin resident was determined to clear up his name and made it clear to the doctor’s office that he was going to do so. Everyone involved in this case declined to be interviewed by reporters. But it was enough for the doctor to drop the bill.

The Austin resident would probably not been able to get help if he had never found out about the 2009 Law.

This happens a lot in emergency rooms.  In most cases, patients are unable to communicate with ambulances in order to make sure that they are taken to a hospital in their network. They also don’t have a say or choice on the doctors that treat them, so it is impossible in many cases to choose the doctor that is in-network.

In cases like this, the patient usually gets hit with extra charges that be hundreds and thousands of dollars. There is a big difference with the high rate that doctors charge and the low rates the insurance charges, and instead of finding a way to settle the dispute they just push the cost into the consumer.

This is a big concern for Texas since it is the State with the most surprising bills. 

The legislators are doing everything that they can in order to help consumers. In 2009 a bill was created specifically for this matter. 

The only problem is that very few can are able to get into the system. It is complex and it’s one loophole after another. Unfortunately, very few Texas patients have managed to access the system – fewer than 4,000 since 2009.

That is nothing compared to 250,000 Texans who have a mediation-eligible health plan and got a surprise bill, in two years period, this was estimation by CPPP.

Stacy Pogue has worked diligently with a nonprofit organization that uses database analysis to try to advocate policies that will help Texans from all backgrounds to reach their full potentials.

The lack of notification to those with balance bills it is extremely important to promote the access to this bill that can help so many people.

Florida, California, and others were able to put a system in place, that can assist in negotiation without hurting the patients.

The bill already exists and it must be promoted in order to work as it was designed for. Keep in mind this is happening all over the country the numbers just happen to be a lot more in Texas.

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