Jamie Chua’s closet !!!!

For most people and more specifically in many different parts of the world, buying the latest runway model is only a dream, but for someone like Jamie Chua, it’s the normal thing to do in any chosen day.

Bonker’s closet recently revealed one of the most amazing closets ever. The 44-year old beauty queen and mother of two businesswomen has, costume ordered and built one of the most incredible walking closets ever to be seen.  The born and raised Singaporean secures her most treasured collections behind closed doors, that can only be accessed by her fingerprint.

It all began as one flight attendant meets her prince charming. Was it a  fairy tale? perhaps, romance, hard work, deception, and perseverance?  The result is an amazing high-speed lifestyle,  the most can only dream about. She became an Instagram sensation, with 2 full-time employees at all times, every picture has to be perfect. And perfection could easily be her middle name.

Her obsession with details is clearly shown in all of her pictures.


Carefully placed on glass shelves, her handbag collection is said to be in high numbers and the prices into thousands. They range from petite to large, with the petite costing more at times then the large, not discounting the ones that were made with her in mind. Some 300 pairs of shoes, with the least expensive, is 795 US dollars and lets not even say what the most expensive could be.

She is the founder of a premium skincare. So beauty comes with the territory. Hair and facial treatment are on weekly basis. She is always looking radiant and says that tries to look her best at any time that she steps out of the door. She says: “I also that she wears sneakers on a normal day”. What kind of sneakers? one may ask! ” it is simply Roger Viver sneakers” not any average sneakers let just put that way.

And walk in closet is complete without jewelry, not this one, the collection can complete any look for the perfectionist fearless Jamie Chau. When asked if she was the best-dressed woman in Singapore, she simply replied  “self-praise is no praise”





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