Immigration law, back fires

Trump administration announced the zero-tolerance immigration policy at the beginning of May. Meaning that every illegal immigrant got caught crossing the border would be prosecuted just as any criminal that has committed the most violent crime.

Immigrants and lawmakers did not expect to be confronted with so many legal issues as this policy was put in place.

Crossing the border as an individual is a violation and you can be prosecuted.  Crossing the border with children it’s a lot more complicated. The parents committed the violation, not the children, therefore, they must be separated from their parents in order for the prosecution to take place. This is where the tragedy really begins.

More than 2,300 families have been separated at the border put in facilities that looked more like a chicken coop. They were piled up and as they cried for their parents,  one patrolling officer referred to the sound of their crying, as an orchestra sound.

The zero tolerance law has ended, but the damage is done.

These children are going to have major issues for the rest of their lives, this action will cause a dramatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, it will affect their behavior in school, social skills and destroy any belief that they have in the system.

If we want to change as a nation we must educate and treat people as human, these kids are not been treated with such respect, so most likely they will treat other as they were treated.

It’s not about immigration anymore it’s about keeping families together and the voices are getting louder and louder in every state.

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