Read this before buying your next pair of shoes

According to Sargasso & Grey shoe company founder Katie Owen, a campaign was created when a 27-year-old London receptionist was sent home simply because she was not  wearing  high heels. The incident created such a controversy that it led to a campaign “to overhaul a sexist dress code in the workplace.  Katie Owen also said, “Whilst I agree that it should be a woman’s personal choice to wear heels, I strongly believe and have statistics to demonstrate that it isn’t the heel itself that is the root of this controversy, but the fit of the shoe.”

There is a widely held belief that most Stilettos are painful, very uncomfortable , over time it can lead to permanent damage, and yet most women are paying the price. Owen says, “But a survey I conducted reviewing the footwear habits of 895 women in the UK reveals that38% of women wear shoes that are the wrong size and 53% need a wider fit shoe. These results lead me to conclude that women’s footwear needs are clearly not being catered for by the shoe industry.”

Owen’s Sargasso & Grey, whose tagline is “Shoes That Don’t Squeeze,” makes fashionable shoes that are available in EE width. It is totally understandable wanting to compliments the look of your outfit with a fantastic pair of shoes, but it also very important that the complement is a perfect fit, not only for attire but for the feet as well.

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