Women spraying their faces with hairspray

It is surprising the number of ladies using hairspray to ensure their makeup doesn’t slide off their faces when they venture out in the sunshine by day or go for a night out to sweaty bars and clubs.

Once a secret trick used by the make-up artist in the theatre, hairspray is increasingly being used by ordinary young women to keep their eyeshadow and foundation in place.

Once the hairspray dries  usually it feels  fine, as if nothing were sprayed at all.

While powdering my nose at a nightclub, (well it’s more like:  drying my sweaty face and taking down all my makeup at the same time. ) I noticed that someone else was also touching up her makeup, only with one big difference her was still intact mine was melted and coming out leaving my face all streaky.

I had to ask:  how can your makeup sustain an even be perfect ?  This place is a melting pot, I was shocked.  Without hesitating,  she said ” Oh honey it’s the hairspray,”  I replied: no, not talking about your hair,  it’s about  your makeup,  it looks beautiful and mine is all gone.
She paused and then said:  I know, trust me ,  you see,  she adds, hair spray in no longer only for hair only,  it is a wonderful way to keep your makeup looking fabulous, especially when the circumstances or weather does not help.  It really  keeps it  intact.
No one ever leaves their house without their lip gloss these days , same with hairspray,  so Ladies after your makeup is done to taste, spritz your face before leaving the house and look good all day.
It has become so  popular that the manufacturer is now producing setting sprays only for faces.it’s proven fact that even several hours later, your foundation, eyeshadow are completely fine, it does not irritate the skin and at the end of the day, my makeup looked as good  as when I started. Even with a busy schedule, my makeup held it’s  on, thanks to hairspray.One thing to be very careful about it, like any other ingredients that can cause allergies, this one is no different, especially when applied directly to the skin, if you have any concern at all just look for professional product that will give you the same result but with a bit more of piece of mind. After all cutting corners are not for everyone. Good luck, let us know what you think.
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