Who says that the wedding dress has to be white?

With all honesty, everyone has imagined what they might look like on their wedding day.

Perfectly arranged bouquet, perfect hair pulled back with the rhinestones adorning the face, and of course, picture perfect  white dress.

Who says that it has to be white? With the increasing popularity of dip-dyed, floral, and pastel wedding dresses, everyone is thinking!!! does it have to be white?????

A write dress is definitely the most tradition one, but in today’s world who wants to be traditional? The choice of color can be as extreme or as subtle as one wants to be.

Just to show how the possibilities are endless here are some pics that will defeatedly pick your curiosity.

Whether you still need to be convinced of this vibrantly hued bridal trend or you already have a non-white number picked out, we have a few of our favorite colorful gowns to inspire your wedding day daydreaming.

And keep in mind it is your day so make the best choice for your heart.

1. Cathy Telle, $1,050 / 2. Carousel Fashion, $1,650 / 3. Milamira Bridal, $680 / 4. Carousel Fashion, $1,095
1. Carousel Fashion, $1,250 / 2. Carousel Fashion, $1,350 / 3. Cathy Telle, $1,750 / 4. Milamira Bridal, $590
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