Victoria Beckham Estee Lauder together

Victoria Beckham, the name says it all, beauty, elegance, intelligence, poise, and now she brings it all together in the sophisticated makeup line. The former Spice Girls and mother  of four is teaming up with the one and only Estee Lauder,  

The price is certainly for the stars, begging at $30 all the way to $1,200 for a special edition box. September 13 the retailer’s  store will bring to their shelves one more big name to their collection.

Paris, London, New York, and Los Angeles, are the first ones to receive the limited-edition makeup collection from the powerhouse ladies. It is a 14 piece line that is presented in four mini collections.

The collection comes with Genius makeup Brush Hack,  a six-shade eye shadow palette  two lipsticks, one in the orange tone for a fresher look, and a Beckham’s signature one in a move-y nude color, an illuminating primer, a matte bronzer, a highlighter, individual metal-finish eyeshadows, and Eye Ink, a gel-cream eyeliner.  She has said that “It was really about not compromising and creating pieces that I wanted to wear myself,”  and that is actually good for your skin.

If there is one thing that the duet is knowledgeable about its makeup and beauty after at all they have been in front of the cameras and shining with beauty for years.

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