UT The University of Austin Texas opens medical school after 135 years


There has been a lot of communication good and 

bad about the new addition to the City of Austin, like any other subject there will always be the pro and cons. some say that there will be an improvement for health for low-income in the Austin area, and some have questioned the school funding model.

The new $310 million medical school hospital facility will be called Dell Seton Medical Center and will not only  owned but also operated 

by Seton, know as  the world’s largest Catholic health system. 

Sen. Kirt Watson one of Austin political and Democrat took an interest in this cause in 2011 bring together major UT and Seton Healthcare  proactive members to ensure that this would come to pass. After one year of dedication and carefully planning the project was solidified in 2012 when Travis County voters approved raising hospital district property taxes by $35 million a year, yes that was needed to support the new medical school for the number one University in the Country at the present moment. This project will cost $310 million meaning that they stay with the budget planned for the project. Central’s 143 – acre property just South of the medical School is expected to be redeveloped into a commercial, residential after the University Medical Center Brackenridge is razed.

Students are applying and coming from different background and credential as well, the program is expecting a number of students per time period, the number of applications has been overwhelming. 

The idea to bring the best knowable people to one campus with the resources to perform their best discovering is to improve the health of Austin and the other communities something that no one can put a price on. I will not improve lives and but will improve health care as well.

It is the time to be excited and think positive for a better Austin.


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