Sophia Loren and Doce Gabbana perfect marriage

Italy, the Capital of fashion and design does it again.  This time in Naples, a southern city in Italy, located on the Bay was the perfect location for Doce Gabbana’s lavish  black tie event this year.  The well-coordinated event was spread out over 4 days,  each day was designed to wow the guest in every way. On the first day on Wednesday,  the evening started with an elegant dinner where the guest was chauffeured to was  greeted  by the one and only Sophia Loren.  Thursday was to showcase the fabulous  jewellery pieces. Friday was the collection most talked about Alta Moda. The Last day with so many dresses sold it  was truly a magical moment of celebration.

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Doce Gabbana has always done things right, no wonder why the company has been one of the most popular brands on the market for a number of years.  When the two last name was combined and used as signatures on the Alta Collection presented four years ago, they picked the curiosity of hundreds of people and the philosophy behind the company was not only to play fashion  but to make it self-financed within the first year.


They are showcasing their creations once again, only this time inspired by the sophisticated  Sophia Loren.  More than one hundred dresses invaded the runway in Naples last Friday night for four hundred invited guest only.  The attraction for Dolce Gabbana’s was the elaboration for Alta Moda events showcasing the elaborate creations.  It has been said that Sophia Loren was the inspiration for this collection and rumours has it that it all started with a lipstick.  The decision to have the show in Napoli was Sophia Loren that showed no reservation when the designers approached her with the question about location. The beautiful event was carefully planned out and attended by not only Sophia family but friends as well.

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Sophia Loren played a major part in the new and exciting collection,  items were used in reference to Loren’s life. The collection was further elaborated by the use of the clutch, cocktail dresses with jewelled necklaces and earrings, bracelets, earrings. Models were wearing floral silk headscarves, showing large embroidered bags, dusters coats with leopard printed chose , models with lace corset lingerie-dresses as well.  But the inspiration did not stop there, designers made absolutely sure that Naples itself was a major inspiration .

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The duo thought about everything , other highlights like using embellished sequined red roses and symbol of youth. They choose not use any big name model at this event , the only supermodel, this time, was the inspiration for this collection,  Sophia Loren.  The Italian designer duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana is without a doubt a fashion powerhouse.


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