Artist from around the makes a splash in a big way at shoe company

Two stores in Chicago and now one in DC

Who would ever think that a college hobby would turn into a million dollar company and at the same time bring hope to many starving artists all over the world? And furthermore, design a shoe to demonstrate their opinions about Political views during the 2016 Election? This how against trump they are, and here is the reflection of their feelings. 

 This quote  says it all “Love is stronger than hate. Always. Let’s use art to unite the world around that fact.” 

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The company made this statement in 2015

As a brand whose mission is to connect ALL people through art, it’s our duty to speak out against the hateful, dangerous rhetoric in Donald Trump’s call to “ban Muslims.” Silence, at this point, has become unacceptable if we are to stay true to our core philosophy: namely, that all  humanity shares essential joys, struggles, and truths; and art exposes us to this irrefutable fact.

Meeting  purely by coincidence or by the laws of the universe, these two have created this amazing company called BucketFeet, a Chicago-based brand that sells slip-on and lace-up sneakers designed by independent artists from all over the world, the concept is really rewarding and  brings new life into footwear for all ages.

A brilliant concept by simply connecting people through art. BucketFeet idea to network with artists from all over the world paid off, They have received thousands of designs, and each tells their own stories, and once the shoe is created it is displayed strategically by the artist name, what an honor. 

The Shoes are Bright, colorful and fun,  everyone is wearing them, But if you need a quiet design with jus ta hint for creativity, it is available as well and so is everything in between.  They are expressive and very comfortable. 

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Get involved, send in your artwork.

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