Pure & Simple in September

“Pure & Simple.”

Pure and Simple is the new album the queen of Country Music. Dolly Parton kicks off a “-stop tour for her new album in September. Fans can hardly wait for the much-anticipated tour.

Singer-songwriter,  Businesswoman, sets Dolly apart in the business world.  

Dolly Parton is a visionary, and never misses an opportunity, she started her own publishing company at an early age and even added record label to her  portfolio.  Dolly attends to all aspect of the business keeping everything under a tight ship. No one will look after your assets as the owner herself says the singer with a smile.

Parton has been a mentor for a lot of people and more specifically to other women. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stand a hand to someone in need. 

Her humility is without parallel, and her philanthropy and loyalty – did you know she reportedly paid for medical school for doctors who would return to her hometown for a certain amount of time? – is the stuff of legend. And she is one.

She has been knowing to encourage everyone with a passion if you believe it you can achieve  it. 

The singer says that she can really express herself through music, she can really let people know who she is, what she believes in, and what she stands for,  music is who I am, it is what I am made of, Gods know that and so do I.

One example is the song ‘9 to 5”, where I felt that was really important   to be on the same level, equal p

y for equal work, that was just the beginning , but if we all keep pushing the envelope it most definitely be leveled out. Regardless of ” color, race, male, female, or transgender, if you work you should be paid and  for it” those were her words to the world. If we come together we can certainly build a better place for all of us.

Doly Parton will most definitely put on a show-stopper worth seeing and new album “pure  & Simple’ says it 


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