The joy of celebrating Mother’s day is incredible in every sense, regardless of the age and the circumstances in which you became a mother!  It is a feeling like no other. The feeling of being a mother is indescribable and unmeasurable. A mother’s touch is still the best kind of medicine that a child will ever have.

It is undeniable that the word mother comes with mixed emotions to many mothers,  simply because the title was earned in many different circumstances and sometimes with different motions that help to shape and redirect someone’s life in ways beyond their imaginations.

Regardless of how one came to become a mother,  this day is celebrated around the Globe,  either by the unbelievable power to give birth to another life into the World or simply by falling in love and gratefully receiving another mother’s child as your own.

A mother’s power is unparalleled and God has not created a creature who can dare to snatch this far-fetched power of a mother from her.

What does it mean to be a mother?  It is the mission of greater responsibility. It is to love more fully. It is to do our best and not expect anything in return.

A mother navigates thru the storm of life with such courage, she knows no boundaries, she will take the necessary measures to shield the child life without any hesitations.

Grandmother:  oh yes,   grandmothers may be the only kind of love that can maybe surpass a mother’s love,  this is practically a second chance to experience it all again, and this time with less responsibility and more time to experience a special kind of relationship.

Grandmothers do not take it lightly but at this time around they are much wiser.  It is a fact that some grandkids hold their grandmother on a pedestal much higher than their very own mothers. Her love has powers, her words are magical, her touch is indiscernible, her charisma is the medicine of all medicine.

A grandmother’s love is undeniable greater in every sense of the way, it is an easy kind of love,  in many cases a grandmother’s only  responsibility is simply to love unconditionally,  they are known to spoil the little ones and expect the mother to evaluate the actions and take the necessary actions to correct the behavior. It is fair no, but it is a fact.

Grandmothers and mothers have a much different role and yet they both act as a mother.  And if asked which love is greater, a grandmother love will win in every case.

A mother’s great courage to take it all on her own gives the child the power to hold their own selves and pursue their very own dreams.  Not only she nurtures her children’s dreams flawlessly but she also reassures them that they can and they will be and become what their hearts desires.

A mother’s love is like no other, the feeling of motherhood is the greatest feeling in the world, so in celebrations of mothers day, we celebrate the children for allowing us to experience this kind of love,   without you, we would have never known or experienced the greatest love of all.

Happy mothers day to everyone that feels in one way or another like a mother.

And to the children,  thank you for the gift. YOU.

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