Memo on Trump Refugee and Visa Order


The uprising complication with the executive order for President Trump on the refuge has nothing of a surprise to foreign service officers. What is a surprise is how unprepared the trump organization were on this particular issue.

There are hundreds of foreign service officers planning to retaliate to this memo, Several  Foreign Service officers and other diplomats have drafted a dissenting memo expressing opposition to President Donald Trump’s executive order, banning refugees and immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the United States.

To put an executive order in place without knowing of its outcome is not only stupid but ignorant, yes I said it ignorant, or let’s just call it a power trip. That is what  President Trump did,  and hs actions are causing fear for everyone, not only the ones living in this country but other countries as well.

And a result of actions with no resources to prosecute them out law enforcement to perform a job that clearly is the responsibility of Immigration officers is unbelievable. They are not trained for such duty. Their job is to protect the people in need not just to stop them on their way to work and ask their status.  This is not why we respect our policy department, we trust them in a moment of crises not to interrupt our work routine, after all there kids and much more involved in one life then what you see.

Immigrants are leaving in fear, kids are going to school and been terrified of coming home and not finding their parents.  It is said to see that the country where dreams come thru and now been a country of fear. I must say never the less this my opinion  If I succeeded in this country I wish the same for everyone that is doing the best that they can do for their loved ones.

And remember people break the law, people cause pain and suffering, not immigrants but people all race, all colors, all religions, all nations, all believe, JUST PEOPLE.




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