My name is Jakia,  I am a 16-year-old recruiter at Go Pro Kids Magazine LLC which is a non-profit organization that allows talented individuals worldwide to showcase their talents through our magazine. People may think because our company has the word “kids” in the title that It is a magazine just for young kids but that is just an assumption, We have a section labeled “When I grow up” where we feature adults with careers to talk about what they do to give kids an outlook on what they want to pursue when they grow older.There are a tremendous amount of multi-talented individuals who go unnoticed daily and we want to give them a chance to show what they are capable of.GPK is a great first job for me because I love kids and my experience has been wonderful thus far. It has taught the employees multiple business requirements and every day we take typing test which increases our typing accuracy.I am grateful for all the opportunities that are provided to me working here and I wouldn’t ask for a better first job.

Congratulation Jakia for this article,  we at Go Pro Kids are extremely of you,  only after a few weeks of training and look what you can do. Giving kids a chance is opening the door to the world of innovations.

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