Hurricane Matthew Pounds Florida Coast


Hurricane Mathew.

After wrecking through the Caribbean, destroying Haiti leaving more than 1,000 dead , Hurricane Matthew  crushed the coast of the southeastern United States, leaving behind a massive destruction, wind damage , floods  that took more  24 lives. The devastation in areas such as Cuba and Haiti was unreal, leaving the area totally with  uninhabitable homes.

Mothers and Fathers were desperately trying to shelter their little ones, but could only find unprotected street corners. The children had no food or water. It was heartbreaking to see the terror in the children’s eyes trying to understand what nobody could explain.

It has been only 6 years since Haiti encountered a massive earthquake and the Region has not recovered from that yet,  and now this?  It is almost impossible to rebuild.

Thousands of people began evacuations South Florida  anticipating the severe destruction that it is likely to cause. Endless lines for gas, sellouts for emergency materials at stores, and a massive gridlock on highways reveals the seriousness for which preparations are underway. 

Those who were not intimidated by the huge energy associated with the hurricane, and decided to stay in their homes also took steps preparing for the worst. Lines at lumber yards were unbelievable. Everyone was seriously applying plywood to their doors and windows in hopes to stop  the mass destruction that was supposedly ahead.

Hotels were all booked  quickly and the shelters were full in a very short amount of time.  Commercial stores closed early giving their employees the ability to be and protect their families. 

Most residents in Broward were lucky enough to experience only the fear that the hurricane imposed.  Other communities had it really bad as well. The water invaded the shores, the streets,  and in some areas the water caused a major threat to residents and business.

And of course, there always brave souls that want the opportunity to experience the uncontrollable beast.  And hopefully, live to tell the story.   

Floridians were able to return to their home and happy to find it just as they left.  The only thing missing was electricity. The power outage affected  millions of  residents in Florida alone. But it was almost like seeing the rainbow after the storm, considering the damage that it could have caused in everyone’s life.

Nature is unknown, it’s unpredictable, is unavoidable, the end result in never a pretty site.  

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