Galaxy phone catching on fire while charging

Some Galaxy users are claiming their phones caught fire while charging.

Rumor has that  Samsung  is considering a recall of its Galaxy Note 7 devices because of  malfunctions.  The phone has been reported catching on fire while charging.  The company has yet to speak about specifics such as the timeline for a potential recall or how many phones could be affected.

 They have put a hold on shipping more products  and additional testing has been performed.

The new device was launched in South Korea and other markets on August 19. The hight tech company has not elaborated on any problems found with the new phone.

South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reported separately that Samsung Electronics had pushed back the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 in key European markets.  Shipments to the United States appear to be on hold  as well,

Samsung  appears to be,  “conducting a thorough inspection” with its partners on the Note 7 and would share its findings as soon as possible.
But clients are saying that they were  smelling burning wires phone was not hot at all. but charging cable was smoking

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