Brazilian Fashion Night 2016

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The Brazilian Fashion Night 2016, a Dedication to Special Needs Children.

September 3rd, 2016 saw the amazing flare of colors mixed with compassion as the models took to the stage in the representation of the children that are in need of the world’s attention and appreciation. In honor of these beautiful children, the grand Brazilian Fashion Night 2016 took place at the glamorous Armani residence on the Sunny Isles and was organized by Lu and Val Productions. The event benefited APAE, the Association of parents and friends of exceptional children, located in Alagoas Dourada in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. 
  APAE is a nonprofit organization that aims to support these special needs children, parents, and families. Their goal is to create awareness of the numerous aspects and hurdles of being a special need child in a community. The organization also provides services to children to enable them in facing their challenges. In addition to services provided to parents to help them in guiding their special need child. APAE has made enormous strides towards changing the general concepts about special need children and is continuing its part in carving out a better place for these children to live in.
They have worked long and hard to change people’s perception of special needs children, and to realize how very important and valuable these children really are. Agreed that they are different from most of us, but that can’t be the basis of shutting these innocent souls out of our community. They also have dreams and desires. The lack of one quality or the other doesn’t make them any less. On the contrary, just like any other person in our community these special needs children also have equal rights to avail any and every chance provided to live their dreams and desires to the fullest.
The producers and organizers of the event Valeria Freitas and Lurdinha Costanza are the founders of Val & Lu Event productions. This event has become annual in support of these children and as a means of creating awareness so people realize how very normal these special needs children actually are.
Helo Pinheiro, who is internationally known as “The Girl from Ipanema”, hosted the evening.  She was one of the honorees of the night. Also hosting the event was the beautiful Alexia Echevarria, a multilingual businesswoman and television personality on Bravo Network’s hit reality show “The Real Housewives of Miami.”  Alexia is also the Executive Editor and face of Venue magazine.
Actor, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist are just a few words that describe the Mexican-born celebrity Ricardo Chavez who introduced the APAE of Lagoa Dourada-MG video.
The night gained momentum as the nominees were called.
Alexia Echevarria – Miami Housewives. 
Helô Pinheiro  – TV Personality, Actress.  
Alexia Nascimento  – Blogger and Journalist.  
Andrew Matarazzo – Actor and Model.  
Anna Mallmann – Architect and Artist. 
Cristiano Piquet III – Entrepreneur, Porsche GT3 Racer.  
Karmel Bortoleti   Model and Entrepreneur.  
Heloisa Alves  – Actress and TV Hostess.  
Simone Strang  – Miami Society and Philanthropist.   
Jo Paes  – Stylist and Fashion Consultant.  
Maria do Carmo Fulfaro – Marketing Director and Journalist.  
Mirtha Arriaran –  Designer and Journalist.  
Miguel Angel Ortiz – Founder of Line Image Maker Beauty.  
Marília Cavalcanti – Entrepreneur.  
Raquel Lisboa  – TV Hostess.  
Ricardo Chaves – Actor.  
Renato Toveli – Fashion Production and Journalist  
William Domiciano – Hair Stylist.  
Thais Fontenelle   – Director of Minolti Miami.
Guests enjoyed the delicious food catered by Casa Brasolin, drinks were sponsored by Boteco Vodka and Espirto Cachaca XVI. A list of wine was also available.
The event continued as the runway was lit and the models appeared one after the other against the magnificent ocean backdrop. The Fashion Show was by Blueberry Exclusive, and produced and choreographed by Lurdinha Costanza. Each model came forth in glamor, showing off the intricate design of the clothes she adorned. Each individual catwalk was flawless and was appreciated by the crowd tremendously.
Hair and makeup were done magnificently by Studio D. Music was provided by DJ Rodolpho Pessoa Jr.
As the night drew to a close, an auction was held featuring wonderful priceless pieces from Marilene Ricards, Rommanel, and Carmen Gusmao as well as Didi Marchi and Romero Brito.  The success of the show was imminent considering the great effort of the organizers crafted this night for the second year.
 We may not realize it, but these special needs children really do have tremendous potential. Their ideas and spirits are unique. All they need is a little TLC and guidance in the right direction, and we can provide that with help from each and everyone who attended the Brazilian Fashion Night 2016. Without a doubt, we can see their dreams come true. Thank you to Val & Lu Event Production for this glamorous evening and for taking this cause to heart.  It was a well-attended event which will definitely be changing lives.

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 Photos by Mr. Coleman

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