iPhone 6 Plus Catches Fire in Student’s Back Pocket

Apple i-phone explode in the back pocket of a college student.

Electronic devices may not be as safe as everyone thinks.  It seems that everyone these days has one or more than one device, even children as young as 2 years of age are engaging with the devices. Either just playing games or watching videos, they have in their little hands a major threat to their lives.  We have seen reports over and over again about phones blowing up with no explanation.

First was the galaxy note 7 by Samsung that was reported with major blowouts, and not only one but several. Now an apple i-phone has exploded. 

A college student said that his i-phone also went up in flames. Reasons why are still not found. The phone was supposedly off and it was about 6 months old. 

The explosion was pretty intense and caused the students to be evacuated from the classroom and re-directed to another room due to the smell of smoke where the incident took place.

Classmates reported that they heard a pop, and immediately saw smoke coming out his back pocket. The student was forced to throw the phone on the ground and put the fire out, after having a big burn hole in his back pocket. 

The phone was completely off and Apple is now investigating what triggered the phone to explode. Without a doubt, the phones need to be stored in places that are much harder to catch fire, as I know that many teenagers do sleep with their phone next to their pillows, or just leave it laying around on the sofa or near a stack of papers etc. 

Much caution is advised when leaving any electronic devices intended.

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