Act of Kindness free $160 Nike shoes

This is a story about a young man and a pair of nike shoes. The desire for this particular item was so intense that he made it part of his weekly routine a visit to Champs Sports, for the simply pleasure to feel and touch the so desired shoes.
By this time everyone in the store were already familiar with the young 28 year old . The question were usually the same, “can I try them on? ” asked the young man.  The salesman would bring out the shoes, and he would hold on to them, never really try them on, them he would quietly proceed to the cash register stand in line, as if he was ready to pay, but like many times before, he would  leave the pair of shoes  at the cash register and walk away. Simply could not afford them.
The employees were very familiar with his desires  and decided to make his dream a reality.
So everyone  at a Champs Sports in Northern California showed their love in the most humbled way,  by putting up a collection and secretly  buying a pair of shoes that cost $160 dollars and waited for the young man next visit.
And  just like clock work, there he was, and as usual  asked to try the shoes on, during his countless visit to the store he never really tried them on. But  this time the salesman really encouraged him to do so,  which he did with no hesitation at all,  after all that was his favorite thing to do. His only question was “how much are they ?”  Salesman replied;  one hundred and sixty dollars, but don’t worry,  just try them on. Much to his surprise, this time he would walk away wearing the shoes that had admired for so long.
The look on his face was priceless, as he realized what was happening,  It was really amazing to see how happy he was at that moment, and to know that just one act of kindness would bring so much join into someone’s life.
Someone may think that the young man was the happiest one in this story, but the joy was in the giving, and everyone was really surprised and filled with joy just as much as the one at the end of the receiving line.
The price of giving is priceless, and the rewards is unbeatable. Maybe you too can spread the love and make someone dreams a reality.
Please let us know about your story.
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