David Beckham eyes three superstars for his Miami franchise

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s arrival in Los Angeles on Friday brought international focus back on MLS, however, ahead of the birth of his Miami franchise, David Beckham is looking to blow the swede out of the water with the three superstars he’s targeting.

The treble-winner has been forced to fight for a franchise that has been over five years in the making, but he’s finally been given the green light after several issues with stadium usage and his team will begin playing in 2020.

In a report published by both The Mirror and the Daily Mail, Beckham wishes to bring three stellar names to boost the profile and quality of his team ahead of the start of that 2020 season.

Carlo Ancelotti coached Beckham during their time at Paris-Saint Germain and they are known to have a fantastic relationship.

As such, the former Real Madrid star hopes to persuade the Italian to coach his franchise.

Whilst 2020 seems a long time off yet, it’s difficult to see this as a possibility, especially with the Italian likely to be inundated with offers in the upcoming summer.

I want Miami to the best in MLS,” he explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are also on his list, and the pair are arguably two of the most marketable stars around.

Their quality on the pitch would boost a team that will be starting from scratch.

Should Ancelotti be unattainable, there are backup options in the form of both Zinedine Zidane and Bruce Arena.


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