Colombia designer Glory Ang

Luxury with a casual flair is Glory Ang trademark signature.

Born in Colombia, to be precisely born in Cartagena, the well-known designer is surrounded by vibrant colors of her native land.

Her inspiration comes from a  woman who is elegant, unique, powerful and who dares to be different in the most sophisticated way.

Creativity comes across loud and clear, with the simple cuts and distinguished style. The vibrant color in a combination of precious fabrics with a vintage charm is what makes her brand stand out from all others.

Her home town Cartagena is also home for Atelier, a glorious space where perfection is also notable in every corner. An elegant showroom display most of her collection.

Every piece symbolizes creativity in the most exquisite style. Every detail is carefully planned and placed strategically in every piece, making exquisiteness and daring designs in good style., the finesse and delicacy of the finishes and its exceptional quality is simply something that every woman would appreciate.

Her most recent collection was one of the most talked about in the Miami Fashion Week 2019 with the one and only Antonio Banderas.  It looks and feels as free as every woman should feel.

Miami Fashion Week 2019
Photo by Mr. Coleman
Miami Fashion Week 2019






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