Ray-Ban collab Nina Kraviz

Ray-Ban collab Nina Kraviz collabnina kravizray banYuri Mine Ray-Ban launches second chapter of Ray-Ban Studios and exclusive collab with DJ Nina Kraviz   Ray-Ban is launching an exclusive collab collection in Brazil, this time in partnership with Russian DJ Nina Kraviz, as part of the second chapter of the  Ray-Ban Studios project, a creative platform that […]

Releases in April 2018

Releases in April 2018 DATE GAME PLAT. 1/4/2018 Cryptocurrency Clicker PC 1/4/2018 Spartan Switch 1/4/2018 Super Lula Escape From Prison PC 1/4/2018 The Arcslinger PC 1/4/2018 The Next Day After Friday PC 1/4/2018 Trivia Vault: Hockey Trivia PC 2/4/2018 Downhill Deceits PC 2/4/2018 Escape from pyramid PC 2/4/2018 Eternal Man: Mountain PC 2/4/2018 Famousity PC […]

Google and Facebook Bans Bitcoin Advertisements

Google is joining Facebook in banning advertising for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Google, the largest provider of digital advertising on the internet, announced on Tuesday that it plans to change its advertising policy for certain financial services, including cryptocurrencies, starting in June. The new restriction would apply both to space on Google’s platforms, like YouTube, […]

iPhone 6 Plus Catches Fire in Student’s Back Pocket

Apple i-phone explode in the back pocket of a college student. Electronic devices may not be as safe as everyone thinks.  It seems that everyone these days has one or more than one device, even children as young as 2 years of age are engaging with the devices. Either just playing games or watching videos, […]

Free Therapist for employees sold

Craig Spitzkoff  started a Website Company Called JobVent . What started up in as side project for this programmer, became almost like a safe place for people to go and talk about likes and dislikes about their workplace.  As everyone knows  it is unethical to talk about how one really feels about the employer. It […]

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