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Art Basel is hotter than ever.

Alina Cohen Dec 6, 2018 12:37 pm This year’s edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach features 268 galleries from 35 countries, located in the newly reconstructed Miami Beach Convention Center. While many hewed to typical fair conventions—pristine white walls and a concrete floor—the more ambitious presentations ran wild. From a bodega to a backyard, […]

Miss Universe US VI Pageant
US Virgin Islands Journey

For months I’ve anticipated and prepared for my trip to the US Virgin Islands. I learned a great deal about it last year due to Hurricane Maria’s rampage on the tropics. An angel I knew, named LuLu Orange Tyson @luluorangeinc appeared and diverted the Miss US Virgin Islands pageant to safety in South FL where I was […]

Believe, Visualize, Persiste, Tyler Perry it’s Living proof of it all.

Tyler Perry, Father, Director, Screenwriter,  Author,  Comedian, Philanthropist, is a living proof that if you can dream you can achieve it. His early years were nothing but struggles. His father was an abusive man, which made life almost unbearable. But his mother was completely the opposite.  She was loving, caring, passionate, she was a mother in every […]

Why is Miami the dream city of World?

With so many choices of places to live in the United States what makes one choose the Sunny Miami. Miami is the second largest city in the estate of Florida, is unique because it consists of a very rich and diverse culture. The city climate and international attractions leave everyone who experiences the lifestyle with […]

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