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Allergies less common in kids who suck thumbs, bite nails

It is a known factor that parents are willing to try everything to get their kids to stop sucking their thumbs or biting their nails. The thumb sucking brings a lot of concern on their teeth alignments when they first come in. The thumb sucking habit is usually corrected by the time that school starts, […]

Five home remedies to save your bad hair day.

Five ways to make your hair healthy right at home. Healthy soft and shiny hair can be expensive if you choose the overwhelming products on the market today. This article was inspired by a conversation with my Daughter Erica Denny about her frustrations with her beautiful long blonde hair. Her complaints were very real to […]

Easy fun and festive deserts for 4th of July

Red Velvet-Berry Cobbler with Cream Cheese Ice Cream  Surprise your guest with these red, white, and blue treats for your 4th of July gathering. Jus with a bit of imagination and you can wow the guests without having to cook at all. Layer scoops of Red Velvet-Berry Cobbler, Cream Cheese Ice Cream, and fresh berries in […]

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