Body wash “DIY”


Body Wash can be made at home for adults.

It is very easy to make your very own body wash. And the best part of all is that natural products can be chosen. It is very important to know skin type. Especially carefully when choosing a scent, after al allergies. can be very damaging to others.

Carefully reading the labels, if there is one ingredient that is unknown to you, there is always an expert willing to help the customer.  DYI is fun, saves money and best of all you know what is the product.

I have used this times and leaves my sky smooth. (Reminding this is not for your face.)

3/4 cup of liquid castile soap.

1/3 cup of organic raw honey

1/3 spoon of grapeseed or coconut oil

1 spoon of vitamin E oil

10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oils,

Now the fun part:

Very simply, just mix all ingredients in a glass bottle or simply use a bottle of choice, always remember the environment.

Just make sure that is easy to use. Labeling it is very important. It is very easy to print labels, if that option is not available, just use a permanent marker, this saves someone else using and be allergic to any of the product. Or be a great advertisement, no one can complain about that.

Don’t surprise if the guest asks for the receipt. Maybe there is a cute little box underneath the sink with labels and bowls just waiting for someone.

The smell will last for hours, and even doing your laundry will actually be fun,  even after all day, they still smell great.






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