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Car bomb explodes in a shopping area in central Baghdad

  A car bomb has exploded in a busy shopping area in central Baghdad, killing at least 18 people and causing a massive fire, Iraqi officials say. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. The explosion happened just before 1 a.m. local time on Sunday when a large explosion tore through a crowded commercial area in […]

Who says that the wedding dress has to be white?

With all honesty, everyone has imagined what they might look like on their wedding day. Perfectly arranged bouquet, perfect hair pulled back with the rhinestones adorning the face, and of course, picture perfect  white dress. Who says that it has to be white? With the increasing popularity of dip-dyed, floral, and pastel wedding dresses, everyone is thinking!!! […]

Fashion, Fun, Fast, what a blast

Show packages are a modeling industry tradition. Every season, casting directors and clients receive boxes of stylized cards with the relevant statistics; height, shoe size, hair color, and the latest images of their models in town and ready to walk. The practice can be cut and dry—but some agencies use their package as an opportunity […]

Why is Miami the dream city of World?

With so many choices of places to live in the United States what makes one choose the Sunny Miami. Miami is the second largest city in the estate of Florida, is unique because it consists of a very rich and diverse culture. The city climate and international attractions leave everyone who experiences the lifestyle with […]

UT The University of Austin Texas opens medical school after 135 years

  There has been a lot of communication good and  bad about the new addition to the City of Austin, like any other subject there will always be the pro and cons. some say that there will be an improvement for health for low-income in the Austin area, and some have questioned the school funding model. […]

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