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Why is Miami the dream city of World?

With so many choices of places to live in the United States what makes one choose the Sunny Miami. Miami is the second largest city in the estate of Florida, is unique because it consists of a very rich and diverse culture. The city climate and international attractions leave everyone who experiences the lifestyle with […]

UT The University of Austin Texas opens medical school after 135 years

  There has been a lot of communication good and  bad about the new addition to the City of Austin, like any other subject there will always be the pro and cons. some say that there will be an improvement for health for low-income in the Austin area, and some have questioned the school funding model. […]

Elvis Presley and Scotty Moore could be together again.

Elvis Presley-Scotty Moore Elvis Presley is gone and now his guitarist Scotty Moore is gone as well at the age of 84.Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist All the classics of Elvis Presley was performed right alongside Scotty Moore. The long time guitarist and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame died at home […]

Blondes do have more fun, Taylor Swift new look

When the subject is hair one major star comes to mind Taylor swift. Known for having  her very own taste, regardless of  style and color, the pop star is always stunning in every way shape or form. Not long ago the classic beauty decided to remind herself of her roots bringing  platinum blond back into […]

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