Thursday, October 1, 2020

    Zee Denny

    I have a zest for life and would like to share that with everyone, I am who I am and make no excuses for being authentic. I have stoped pleased everyone because it is impossible since God gave everyone a very different way of being and seeing things, so instead, I try to please myself. I respect your opinion and I demand that you respect mine. Connecting with people is my passion and I do it well. Life matters, whatever comes with it is purely embellishment. So let live life to the fullest. I can, you can, everyone can don't just try it, DO IT.

    How to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

    Fashion is very much like: "one day you are in, one day you are not." Says the bombshell Hidi Klum.


    Infinito Brazilian Film Festival is back, and this time for the first time in a format that can be savored and appreciated...

    Safe Surfing

    How to help your kids stay safe on the Internet? How's this for irony: while is the parent's obligation...

    $187.6 Million and coupon-clippings?

    Man Leaves Secret Fortune Worth $187.6 Million to Wash. Charities Jack MacDonald lived frugally by taking the bus...


    WITH CARMEM PIMPINATI Festival Brasileiro de Cinema em Miami

    Etiquette and Social Media.

    How Should You Respond WhenYou're Unfriended on Social Media? By Candace Smith Etiquette.

    Drive-In-Movies In Miami.

    Drive-In Movie Theaters Pop Up Across Miami and Fort Lauderdale The summer horror-film festival was scheduled to entertain...

    Homeless in America is Sky Rocking

    Coronavirus & Homeless With thousands of residents losing their jobs, there is no doubt the housing industry is...