Adidas and AriZona iced tea have teamed up to create a line of trainers that will be available for less than a dollar.

The beverage brand announced the collaboration on Instagram, where it revealed it is launching limited-edition versions of the Yung 1 and Continental shoe styles featuring imagery inspired by the drink cans.

Both shoe styles will come in two different colours, with images of one sneaker showing a teal background and bright pink cherry blossoms, as seen on AriZona’s green tea cans.

The other colour motif will be inspired by the drink brand’s lemon iced tea, with all of the shoes costing the same as a can of AriZona iced tea – 99 cents.

The shoes will be available as part of a two-day pop-up release in New York City on 18 and 19 July, where customers must come prepared with a $1 bill, according to AriZona.