People that are constantly dying their hair are usually left with hair that is very dry, dull and has no life at all.
Usually, hundreds of dollars are spent on  products in an attempt to repair the damage that color does to natural hair. Very often lots of expensive shampoos and conditioners are used, in hopes to bring your hair to its original condition.
It is very difficult to obtain good results. After much research and consultation with hairstylists, the solution was very surprising. Cold water. Yes, you read that correctly, cold water.
It is even more effective if a cup of vinegar is added to the water.  This is a no brainer. Water is very cost effective and basically free in most places. When the hair is rinsed with cold water it helps to seal the hair cuticle leaving no residue. Therefore, it gives the hair a very healthy and  shiny look.
Anyone can do this over the sink. As opposed to a cold shower,  just wash, rinse and let it dry naturally, or, style it as desired. Be patient, though. At first, it will not be that noticeable. After all, one rinse in cold water can not fix the years of chemically damaged done to your natural hair. However, it will be a lot better than it was, hands down.
Your hair will most definitely reflect a lot more light than before. After a few times washing like this,  and by  a few, I mean a lot,  everyone will be surprised and amazed at how healthy your hair looks.  Then you can let them all in on your little secret,  “cold water”. Who new, right? Try it and let us know your results.


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